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Treasures Forgotten
Estate Sales-Monthly Pop Up

We like to say that we do “Estate Sales ...of a different kind.” Once a month between May and September we sell the recovered items from decluttering and clean outs in our front yard through Treasures Forgotten. Any items that don’t sell after 3 sales are donated to Hope For All, a non profit organization with a great mission to serve the Anne Arundel County Community.


Treasures Forgotten brings in high school students to work the monthly pop-up. Through working, the students learn the value of speaking to people face to face, the art of negotiation, and the reward of manual labor, since they help with the set up and break down. They also learn little about profit and loss, and about supply and demand. Treasures Forgotten aims to not only provide people with recovered treasures, but to also serve and give back to the community.

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